Sponge Cake Recipe

On _cake_ luxuriously I dine,

And drink the fragrance of the vine,

Studious of elegance and ease,

Myself alone I seek to please.


Take the juice and grated rind of a lemon, twelve eggs, twelve ounces of

finely pounded loaf sugar, the same of dried and sifted flour; then,

beat the yolks of ten eggs; add the sugar by degrees, and beat it till

it will stand when dropped from the spoon; put in at separate times the

two other eggs, yolks, and whites; whisk the ten whites for eight

minutes, and mix in the lemon-juice, and when quite stiff, take as much

as the whisk will lift, and put it upon the yolks and sugar, which must

be beaten all the time; mix in lightly all the flour and grated peel,

and pour it gradually over the whites; stir it together, and bake it in

a large buttered tin or small ones; do not more than half fill them.



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