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Recipes for EGGS category

Left-over Cereals
To Preserve Eggs
To Keep Egg Yolks
Poached Or Dropped Eggs
Boiled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs
Fried Eggs
Baked Eggs
Baked Eggs With Cheese
Tomato With Egg
Baked Egg With Tomatoes
Plain Omelet
Sweet Omelet
Sweet Omelet For One
Spanish Omelet
Rum Omelet
Sweet Almond Omelet
Corn Omelet
Herb Omelet
Eggs Poached In Tomato Sauce
Eggs Piquant
Omelet Souffl╔
White Sauce Omelet
Eggs With Cream Dressing
Scalloped Eggs
Eggs └ La Mexicana
Eggs Spanish
Fresh Mushrooms With Eggs
Egg Rarebit
Curried Eggs
Fricasseed Eggs
Eggs En Marinade
Scalloped Eggs (fleischig)
Scrambled Eggs With Brains
Tomato Macaroni. Exchange.
How To Preserve. Mrs. M. Uhler.
Soft Boiled Eggs. Mrs. W. E. Thomas.
French Omelette. Gertrude Douglas Weeks.
Omelette. Mrs. H. T. Van Fleet.
Plain Omelette. Mrs. C. H. Williams.
Egg For An Invalid.
Sardelled Eggs. Jennie Martin Hershberger, Tiffin, Ohio.
Boiled Eggs
Poached Eggs
Poached Eggs In Cream
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs With Dried Beef
Plain Omelet
Puffy Omelet
Fancy Omelets
Apple Snow
Gold Cake
German Slaw
Egg Croquettes
Beauregard Eggs
Whites Of Eggs
Plain Omelet With Eight Eggs
Green Corn Omelet
Omelet With Ham
Stuffed Eggs
Deviled Eggs For Luncheon Or Picnics
Escalloped Eggs
How To Take Egg
Veal Pie
Baked Eggs
Cheese Omelet
Egg Cutlets
Eggs Shirred In Tomatoes
Poached Eggs
Shirred Eggs
Pineapple Preserve
To Poach Eggs
Boiled Eggs
Fried Eggs
Eggs And Bread