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(Jellies) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Follow the recipe for Currant Jelly.

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Strawberry Raspberry And Blackberry Jelly

Jellies of these fruits are all made in the following manner: Take the

berries when ripe, and in their prime, mash them, and let them drain

through a flannel bag, without squeezing it. To each pint of juice, put

a pound of white sugar, and the beaten white of an egg to three pounds

of the sugar. Set it on the fire--when it boils up well, take it from

the fire, and skim it clear. Set it back on the fire--if any more scum

rises, take it from the fire, and skim it off. Boil it till it becomes a

jelly, which is ascertained by taking a little of it up into a tumbler

of cold water. If it falls to the bottom in a solid mass, it is

sufficiently boiled.

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