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(Oat Meal) - (Favorite Dishes)

From MRS. ROSINE RYAN, of. Texas, Lady Manager-at-Large.
_Your enterprise commends itself to every woman who has the best
interests of her sex uppermost in her thoughts.
Among the happy recollections of my childhood, luncheon Ham Toast
stands out temptingly clear. It was my mother's own, and I give it in
preference to several others that occur to me. Most cordially yours,
Boil a quarter of a pound of _lean_ ham; chop it very fine; beat
into it the yolks of three eggs, half an ounce of butter and two
tablespoonfuls of cream; add a little cayenne; stir it briskly over
the fire until it thickens; spread on hot toast; garnish with curled
From MRS. GEORGE HUXWORTH, of Arizona, Alternate Lady Manager.
Dampen the meal, put it in a thin cloth and steam for thirty minutes.
Keeps its flavor much better than when boiled.

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Meat Brewis

This palatable dish is made by putting the thick upper or

under crust of a stale loaf of bread into the pot when any meat or soup

is boiling, and letting it remain about five minutes to thoroughly

absorb the broth; it should then be taken out as whole as possible, and

eaten at once. It is satisfactory, nutritious and economical; enough for

a hearty meal costing not more than five cents.

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