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Cod's Head To Boil

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take vinegar and salt, a bunch of sweet herbs, and an onion; set them on

the fire in a kettle of water; boil them and put in the head; and, while

it is boiling, put in cold water and vinegar. When boiled, take it up,

put it into a dish, and make sauce as follows:--Take gravy and claret,

boiled with a bundle of sweet herbs and an onion, two or three

anchovies, drawn with two pounds of butter, a pint of shrimps, oysters,

the meat of a lobster shred fine. You may stick little toasts on the

head, and lay on and about the roe, milt, and liver. Garnish the dish

with fried parsley, lemon, barberries, horseradish, and fried fish.

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