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Recipes for FISH category

Force Meat Balls For Chowder
Oysters A La Marechale
Toasted Angels
Oyster Patés
Scalloped Clams
Shrimp Or Oyster Curry
Shrimps A La Bordelaise
Shrimps With Tomato
Saute Of Shrimps
Crab A La Creole
Sole A La Normandie
Filet Of Sole A La Bohemian
Baked Sole
Flounders A La Magouze
Salmon A La Melville
Stewed Haddock
Bacalas A La Viscaina
Baked Sardines
Sardines With Cheese
Scalloped Fish Roe
Preliminary Remarks.
Fish Fried In Oil.
Fish Stewed White.
Fish Stewed Brown.
Water Souchy.
Fillets Of Fish.
Baked Haddock.
Baked Mackarel With Vinegar.
Fish Salad.
White Bait.
A Dutch Fricandelle.
Fish Fritters.
Fish Omelet.
Scalloped Fish.
Sponge Dumplings
Shad, April To June.
To Clean Fish
To Open Fish
To Skin Fish
To Bone Fish
Boiled Fish
Baked Fish
Broiled Fish
Jewish Method Of Frying Fish
Another Method Of Frying Fish
SautÉd Fish
Lemon Fish
Sweet Sour Fish
Sweet And Sour Fish
Sweet Sour Fish With Wine
Fish Stock
Pike With Egg Sauce
Gefillte Fisch
Russian Fish Cakes
Gefillte Fisch With Egg Sauce
Filled Fish--turkish Style
Hecht (pickerel)
Fresh Cod Or Striped Bass
Ahilado Sauce (turkish)
Boiled Trout
Fish Piquant
Salmon Cutlets
Paprika Carp
Redsnapper With Tomato Sauce
Boned Smelts, SautÉd
Fish With Horseradish Sauce
Fish With Sauerkraut
Fillet Of Sole À La Mouquin
Fillet De Sole À La Creole
Baked Black Bass
Baked Flounders
Baked Bass À La Wellington
Baked Fish--turkish Style
Sauce Agristoga
Zuemimo Sauce
Shad Roe
Baked Shad
Scalloped Fish Roe
Baked Mackerel
Stuffed Herring
Fish With Garlic
Baked Chopped Herring
Marinirte (pickled) Herring
Salt Herring
Broiled Salt Mackerel
Boiled Salt Mackerel
Marinirte Fish
Soused Herring
Salmon Loaf
Cream Salmon
Pickle For Salmon
Swiss Creamed Fish
Cod Fish Balls
Finnan Haddie
Finnan Haddie And Macaroni
Scalloped Fish, No. 1
Roman Ragout
Soubise Cutlets
Breakfast Dish Of Beef
Jugged Rabbits
Devilled Meat
Swiss Pates
Veal Shape
Roulades Of Beef
Stewed Sweetbreads
Fricassee Of Liver
Beefsteak Stuffed
Beefsteak Rolls
Beef A La Mode
Curried Chops
Pressed Beef
Braised Leg Of Mutton
Steak A La Jardiniere
Brown Mince
Macaroni Pudding
Beef Olives
Brazilian Stew
Potato Sausages
Rice Cutlets
Baked Chop
Stewed Chops
Hashed Beef And Tomato Sauce
Beef Trifles
Kidney Toast
Kidney Fritters
Breakfast Meat
Tomatoes And Mince
Tripe In Milk
Tripe And Tomatoes
Breast Of Mutton And Peas
Poor Man's Dish
Scotch Collops
Tomato Pie
Mutton Chops In Batter
Steak And Macaroni
Stewed Steak And Walnuts
Stewed Kidneys And Macaroni
Steak And Kidney Pudding
Steak And Kidney Pie
Cookery Of Meat.
Oysters And Macaroni
Stewed Fish
Oysters And Potatoes
Scandinavian Pudding
Fillets A La Orly
Fish A L'aurore
Devilled Sardines
Salt Fish
Boiled Fish
Broiled Fish
Buttered Whiting
Baked Fish
Small Fish
Cold Fish Au Gratin
American Fish
Mullet And Tomatoes
Cods' Roes In Tomato Sauce
Fried Roes
Eel And Tomato Sauce.
Stuffed Conger Eel.
Fish Baked In Vinegar
Fish A La Saumarez
Fish Rissoles
Bream Pudding
Fried Crayfish
To Cook Dried Fish
Scalloped Oysters
Oysters And Bacon
Stuffed Flathead
Collared Eels
Fish A La Creme
Fish Balls
Fish Hash
Fish Au Gratin
Fish In Batter
Fish Pie
Fish Pudding
Scalloped Fish
Curried Fish
Fish, To Fry
Fish Patties
Fish And Butter Sauce
American Oysters
Oyster Stew
Fish And Tomato Sauce
Fish A La Maitre D'hotel
Baked Bream And Egg Sauce
Fish Cakes
Artichoke Soup
Boiled Fish
Broiled Fish
Baked Fish
Fried Fish
Planked Fish
Codfish Balls
Fish Chowder
Boiled Lobsters Or Crabs
Creamed Oysters
Scalloped Oysters
Fried Oysters
Clam Chowder
Shell Fish A La Newburg
Soles Or Smelts Cooked With MaÎtre D'hotel Sauce
Baked Shad
Cod Fish Balls
Salmon Croquettes
Veal Bouillon
Baked White Fish
Codfish Balls
Finnan Haddie
Fried Fish
Fried Oysters
Hollandaise Sauce
Lobster A La Bushman
Oyster Cocktail
Oyster Newburg
Oyster Omelet
Oyster Patties
Oyster Tenderloins
Salmon Loaf
Salmon On Toast
Salt Mackerel In Cream
Chicken Broth
To Stew Fish White
Another Way To Stew Fish
Perch With Wine
To Stew Fish Brown
Roasted Sturgeon
Boiled Salmon
Boiled Lobster
Fried Oysters
Stewed Oysters
Oyster Loaves
Minestra Of Rice And Celery
Anguilla Alla Milanese Eels
Filletti Di Pesce Alla Villeroy Fillets Of Fish
Astachi All'italiana Lobster
Baccala Alla Giardiniera Cod
Triglie Alla Marinara Mullet
Mullet Alla Tolosa
Mullet Alla Triestina
Whiting Alla Genovese
Merluzzo In Bianco Cod
Merluzzo In Salamoia Cod
Baccala In Istufato Haddock
Naselli Con Piselli Whiting
Ostriche Alla Livornese Oysters
Ostriche Alla Napolitana Oysters
Ostriche Alla Veneziana Oysters
Pesci Diversi Alla Casalinga Fish
Pesce Alla Genovese Sole Or Turbot
Sogliole In Zimino Sole
Sogliole Al Tegame Sole
Sogliole Alla Livornese Sole
Sogliole Alla Veneziana Sole
Sogliole Alla Parmigiana Sole*
Salmone Alla Genovese Salmon
Salmone Alla Perigo Salmon
Salmone Alla Giardiniera Salmon
Salmone Alla Farnese Salmon
A Little Dissolved Gelatine And Velute Sauce Wipe The Fillets
Salmone Alla Santa Fiorentina Salmon
Salmone Alla Francesca Salmon
Stuffed Smelt
Finnan Haddies From Delmonico's
A Norwegian Fish Dish
Fish A La Creme
Vermicelli As A Breakfast Dish
Veal Broth No 4 Excellent For A Consumption
Carp And Tench
Carp To Stew
Another Way
Cod To Stew
Cod Ragout Of
Cod's Head To Boil
Crab To Dress
Crab Or Lobster To Butter
Crab Or Lobster To Stew No 1
Crab Or Lobster To Stew No 2
Crab Or Lobster To Stew No 3
Crawfish To Make Red
Eels Broiled Whole
Eels To Collar
Eels To Fry
Eels To Pot
Eels To Pickle
Eels To Roast
Eels To Spitchcock
Eels To Stew
Another Way To Stew Eels
Fish To Recover When Tainted
Fish In General To Dress
Fish To Dress In Sauce
Fish Hashed In Paste
Fish To Cavietch
Haddocks To Bake
Haddock Baked
Haddock Pudding
Lampreys To Pot
Another Way To Make Lampreys
Lobsters To Butter
Lobster Fricassee
Lobsters To Hash
Lobsters To Pot
Lobsters To Stew
Lobster Curry Powder
Lobster Pates
Lobster Salad
Mackarel A La Maitre D'hotel
Mackarel To Boil
Mackarel To Broil
Mackarel To Collar
Mackarel To Fry
Mackarel To Pickle
Mackarel To Pot
Mackarel To Souse
Mackarel Pie
Mullet To Boil
Mullet To Broil
Mullet To Fry
Oysters To Stew
Another Way To Stew Oysters
Oysters Ragout Of
Oysters To Pickle
Oyster Pates No 1
Oyster Pates No 2
Oyster Pates No 3
Oyster Loaves
Oyster Pie
Perch To Fricassee
Pike To Dress
Pike Stuffed To Boil
Pike To Boil A-la-francaise
Pike To Broil
Pike In Court Bouillon
Pike Fricandeau
Pike German Way Of Dressing Delicious!
Pike To Pot
Pike To Roast
Pike Au Souvenir
Pike A La Tatare Or In The Tartar Fashion
Fresh Salmon To Dress
Salmon To Dress En Caisses That Is In Small Paper Cases
Salmon A La Poele Or Done On The Stove
Shrimps To Pot
Shrimp To Pot Another Way
Smelts To Fry
Smelts To Pickle
Smelts To Pot
Soles To Boil
Soles To Boil A-la-francaise
Soles To Stew
Water Souchi
Sprats To Bake
Sturgeon To Roast
Turbot To Dress
Turbot Plain Boiled
Turbot To Boil
Turbot To Boil In Gravy
Turbot To Boil In Court Bouillon With Capers
Turbot To Fry
Turbot Or Barbel Glazed
Turbot To Dress Fen Gras Or In A Rich Fashion
Turbot Or Barbel To Dress En Maigre Or In A Lean Fashion
Turtle To Dress