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(Lima Beans) - (Favorite Dishes)

From MRS. JOHN S. BRIGGS, of Nebraska, Lady Manager.
One teacup milk, three eggs, one pint green corn grated very fine, a
little salt and as much flour as will make a slightly stiff batter;
beat the eggs, the yolks and whites separately. To the yolks of the
eggs add the milk, corn, salt and flour; beat the whole very hard,
then stir in the whites of the eggs and the oysters; after having
dredged them in a portion of the grated corn, drop this batter, a
spoonful at a time, into hot lard and fry until done.

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Fried Egg Plant

Select a plant not too large or old. Cut in slices one fourth of an inch

thick, and lay in weak salt water over night. In the morning remove the

purple rind and wipe dry, dip in beaten egg, then in fine bread crumbs

or cracker dust; fry on the griddle or in a spider in hot butter and

drippings until a nice brown. It must cook rather slowly until

thoroughly soft, otherwise it is unpalatable.

They can be more daintily fried if they are steamed first, in which case

the slices should be cut one inch thick and should lie in salt and water

two hours before frying. Crumbs sifted through a coarse sieve are an


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