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(Beverages) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

The success of lemon-, orange- and pineapple-ades depends upon the way
they are made. It is best to make a syrup, using one cup of granulated
sugar to one cup of water. Put the sugar in cold water over the fire;
stir until the sugar is dissolved; then cook until the syrup spins a
fine thread. Take from the fire and add the fruit juices while the syrup
is hot. If lemonade is desired, lemon should predominate, but orange or
pineapple juice or both should be added to yield the best result. Small
pieces of fresh pineapple, fresh strawberries and maraschino cherries
added at time of serving will make the drink look pretty and will
improve the flavor. Shaved or very finely cracked ice should be used.

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