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(Pies And Pastry) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

If canned fruit is used, take a large can of any kind of fruit, drain
all the syrup off and put in a saucepan with an equal quantity of sugar.
Cook until it forms a syrup, then pour in the fruit, which has been
stoned (if necessary), and cook until the whole is a syrupy mass.
If fresh fruit is used, put on two parts of sugar to one of water and
cook until syrupy, then add the fruit, which has been peeled, sliced and
stoned, and cook until the whole is a thick, syrupy mass.
Line the patty cases or plain muffin rings with the puff paste. Put a
spoonful or two of the fruit in each one and bake a nice brown. Peaches,
white cherries, Malaga grapes, huckleberries and apples make nice
One large can California fruit fills twelve tartlets.

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