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Green Pea Soup No 6

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take a quart of old peas, three or four cabbage lettuces, two heads of

celery, two leeks, one carrot, two or three turnips, two or three old

onions, and a little spinach that has been boiled; put them over the

fire with some good consomme, and let them do gently, till all are very

tender. Rub the whole through a tamis, or hair-sieve; put it in the pot.

Have about half a pint of very young peas, and the hearts of two cabbage

lettuces, cut fine and stewed down in a little broth. Put all together,

with a small faggot of mint, and let it boil gently, skimming it well.

When going to table, put into it fried bread, in dice, or crust of

French roll. This quantity will be sufficient for a terrine.

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