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(Miscellaneous) - (The Community Cook Book)

Dredge your cake tins with flour and your cake will not stick to the


Wooden spoons are the best to use when making cakes.

A little butter added to cake frosting greatly improves it.

Moisten grease spots with cold water and soda before scrubbing, as it

lightens the task.

To polish hardwood floors, use equal parts of vinegar, turpentine and

olive oil, thoroughly mixed: Rub in and polish with soft cloth.

To remove mildew stains, cover spots with lemon juice and salt and let

dry in the sun.

Place a piece of wax paper over a knife when cutting butter.

If raisins and currants are rolled in flour before putting in a cake,

they will not sink to the bottom.

When cutting fresh bread, have the knife very hot.

Put a pinch of salt in the whites of eggs to make them whip better.

Stains on knives, however obstinate, will disappear if rubbed with a

piece of raw potato.

Put a slice of potato in the deep fat when frying doughnuts.

If potatoes are pared and laid in cold water just before boiling, they

will be much whiter.

Rice will absorb three times its measure of water and a large quantity

of milk or stock.

One ounce of butter equals two level tablespoonfuls.

One ounce of flour equals four tablespoonfuls.

Allow two level teaspoonfuls of baking powder to each cup of flour when

no eggs are used.

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