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India Pickle Called Picolili No 1

(Pickles.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Lay one pound of ginger in salt and water for a whole night; then scrape

and cut it in thin slices, and lay them in the sun to dry; put them into

a jar till the other ingredients are ready. Peel two pounds of garlic,

and cut it in thin slices; cover it with salt for three days; drain it

well from the brine, and dry it as above directed. Take young cabbages,

cut them in quarters, salt them for three days, and dry them as above;

do the same with cauliflowers, celery, and radishes, scraping the latter

and leaving the tops of the celery on, French beans, and asparagus,

which last two must be salted only two days, and dried in the same

manner. Take long pepper and salt it, but do not dry it too much, three

ounces of turmeric, and a quarter of a pound of mustard seed finely

bruised; put these into a stone jar, and pour on them a gallon of strong

vinegar; look at it now and then, and if you see occasion add more

vinegar. Proceed in the same manner with plums, peaches, melons, apples,

cucumbers; artichoke bottoms must be pared and cut raw; then salt them,

and give them just one gentle boil, putting them into the water when

hot. Never do red cabbage or walnuts. The more every thing is dried, the

plumper it will become in the vinegar. Put in a pound or two of whole

garlic prepared as above to act as a pickle. You need never empty the

jar, as the pickle keeps; but as things come into season, do them and

throw them in, observing that the vinegar always covers them. If the

ingredients cannot be conveniently dried by the sun, you may do them by

the fire, but the sun is best.

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