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No 105 Testa di Vitello alla Sorrentina (Calf's Head)

(Sauces) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste For Italian Dishes)

Ingredients: Calf's head, veal, sweetbread, truffles, mushrooms,
pistacchio nuts, eggs, herbs, spice, stock, bacon, ham.
Boil a half calf's head well, and when it is half cold, bone it and
fill it with a stuffing of veal, the calf's brains, sweetbread,
truffles, mushrooms, pistacchio nuts, the yolks of two eggs, herbs,
and a little spice. Then stitch it up and braize it in good stock,
with some slices of bacon, ham, and a bunch of herbs. Serve with
brain sauce mixed with cream.

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