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No 140 Dindo Arrosto alla Milanese (Roast Turkey)

(Sauces) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste For Italian Dishes)

Ingredients: Turkey, sausage meat, prunes, chestnuts, a pear,
butter, Marsala, salt, rosemary, bacon, carrot, onion, turnip,
Blanch for seven or eight minutes three prunes, quarter of a pound
of sausage meat, three tablespoonsful of chestnut puree, two small
slices of bacon, half a cooked pear, and saute them in butter; chop
up the liver and gizzard of the turkey, mix them with the other
ingredients, and add half a glass of Marsala; use this as a
stuffing for the turkey, and first braize it for three quarters of
an hour with salt, butter, a blade of rosemary, bits of fat bacon,
a carrot, a turnip, an onion, three cloves, and a clove of garlic
with a cut; then roast it before a clear fire for about twenty
minutes; put it back into the sauce till it is ready to serve.
Only leave the garlic in ten minutes.

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