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Oyster Pates No 1

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Stew the oysters in their own liquor, but do not let them be too much

done; beard them; take a table-spoonful of pickled mushrooms, wash them

in two or three cold waters to get out the vinegar; then cut each

mushroom into four, and fry them in a little butter dusted over with

flour. Take three table-spoonfuls of veal jelly, and two spoonfuls of

cream; let it boil, stirring all the while; add a small bit of butter.

Season with a pinch of salt, and one of cayenne pepper. Throw the

oysters, which you have kept warm in a cloth near the fire, into the

sauce; see that it is all hot; then have the pates ready, fill them with

the oysters and sauce, and put a top on each. When the paste of oyster

pates is done, remove the tops gently and cleanly with a knife; take out

the flaky part of the paste inside and from the inside of the top; cut

six little pieces of bread square so as to fill the inside; lay on the

top of the paste. Then place them on a sheet of paper in a dish, and put

them before the fire, covering them with a cloth to keep them hot. When

you are going to serve them take out the piece of bread, and fill the

pates with the oysters and sauce.

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