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(Pies And Pastry) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Sift into a mixing-bowl one and one-half cups of flour and one-half
teaspoon of baking-powder. Make a depression in the centre; into this
pour a generous half cup of oil and an exact half cup of very cold (or
ice) water; add pinch of salt, mix quickly with a fork, divide in two
portions; do not knead, but roll on a well-floured board, spread on
pans, fill and bake at once in a quick oven.
No failure is possible if the formula is accurately followed and these
things observed; ingredients cold, no kneading or re-rolling; dough must
not stand, but the whole process must be completed as rapidly as
Do not pinch or crimp the edge of this or any other pie. To do so makes
a hard edge that no one cares to eat. Instead, trim the edges in the
usual way, then place the palms of the hand on opposite sides of the pie
and raise the dough until the edges stand straight up. This prevents
all leakage and the crust is tender to the last morsel.

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