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Pea Soup No 3

(Soups.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

To a quart of split peas put three quarts of water, two good turnips,

one large head of celery, four onions, one blade of ginger, one spoonful

of flour of mustard, and a small quantity of cayenne, black pepper, and

salt. Let it boil over a slow fire till it is reduced to two quarts;

then work it through a colander with a wooden spoon. Set it on the fire,

and let it boil up; add a quarter of a pound of butter mixed with flour;

beat up the yolks of three eggs, and stir it well in the soup. Gut a

slice of bread into small dice; fry them of a light brown; put them into

your soup-dish, and pour the soup over them.

Other Recipes

Green Pea Soup No 3

Boil the shells of your youngest peas in water till all the sweetness is

extracted from them; then strain, and in that liquor boil your peas for

the soup, with whole pepper and salt. When boiled, put them through a

colander; have ready the young peas boiled by themselves; put a good

piece of butter in a frying-pan with some flour, and into that some

lettuce and spinach; fry it till it looks green, and put it into the

soup with the young peas. When the greens are tender, it is done enough.

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