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(Pickles And Relishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take large green peppers; extract the seeds and core with a penknife,
being careful not to break the peppers. Chop up one head of cabbage
after boiling it in salt water. When cold add one cup of mustard seed,
two tablespoons of grated horseradish, one nutmeg grated, one clove of
garlic grated, a pinch of ground ginger, one dozen whole peppercorns,
half a tablespoon of prepared mustard, one teaspoon of sugar and half a
teaspoon of best salad oil. Lay the peppers in strong salt brine for
three days; then drain off the brine and lay them in fresh water for
twenty-four hours. Fill the peppers with the above mixture, sew or tie
them up with strong thread, pack them in a large stone jar and pour
scalding vinegar over them. Repeat this process three times more, at
intervals of three days. Then tie up the jar and set it away in a cool,
dry place for three months.

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