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Pike To Dress

(Fish.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

If you would serve it as a first dish, do not scale it; take off the

gills, and, having gutted it, boil it in court bouillon, as a side-dish,

or entree. It may be served in many ways. Cut it into pieces, and put

it into a stewpan, with a bit of butter, a bunch of all sorts of sweet

herbs, and some mushrooms; turn it a few times over the fire, and shake

in a little flour; moisten it with some good broth and a pint of white

wine, and set it over a brisk fire. When it is done, add a trifle of

salt and cayenne pepper, the yolk of three eggs, and half a pint of

cream, stirring it till well mixed. Serve up hot.

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