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Risotto Alla Genovese

(Macaroni, Rice, Polenta, And Oth) - (The Cook's Decameron: A Study In Taste)

Ingredients: Rice, beef or veal, onions, parsley, butter, stock,

Parmesan, sweetbread or sheep's brains.

Cut up a small onion and fry it slightly in butter with some chopped

parsley, add to this a little veal, also chopped up, and a little suet.

Cook for ten minutes and then add two ounces of rice to it. Mix all

with a wooden spoon, and after a few minutes begin to add boiling stock

gradually; stir with the spoon, so that the rice whilst cooking may

absorb the stock; when it is half cooked add a few spoonsful of good

gravy and a sweetbread or sheep's brains (previously scalded and cut up

in pieces), and, if you like, a little powdered saffron dissolved in

a spoonful of stock and three tablespoonsful of grated Parmesan and

Cheddar mixed. Stir well until the rice is quite cooked, but take care

not to get it into a pulp.

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