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(Shell Fish) - (Favorite Dishes)

From MRS. GEORGE W. LAMAR, of Georgia, Alternate Lady Manager.
Cut off the heads and throw into cold water for about an hour to draw
the blood. Scald them to loosen the skin and nails; open and clean
them. Cover with water and boil, with part of an onion chopped fine,
and a sprig of parsley and thyme. When thoroughly done, remove all the
meat from the shells and bones, chop fine and return to the pot. Rub
to a cream one-quarter pound of butter and one tablespoonful of flour,
with a little of the stock, and stir in gradually, adding salt and red
pepper to taste. Just before serving put in one-half pint of cream and
one wineglass of wine to each terrapin. Slice one lemon and four hard-
boiled eggs into a tureen, pour the stew over them and serve in
terrapin dishes.

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