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(Pickles And Relishes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Pare large, green cucumbers, cut each one lengthwise, take out the seeds
with a silver spoon and then cut each piece again so as to have four
pieces out of one cucumber. When all are pared salt well and let them
remain in the salt for twenty-four hours or more; then dry each piece,
put in layers in a stone jar with whole white and black peppercorns,
small pickling onions, which have been previously pared and salted
overnight, pieces of horseradish, a few bay leaves, a little fennel,
caraway seeds, a few cloves of garlic (use this sparingly) and also some
Spanish pepper (use very little of the latter). Have a layer of the
spices at the bottom of the jar. A handful of mustard seed put on the
top layer will be an improvement. Boil enough pickling vinegar to cover
well. Add a cup of sugar to a gallon of vinegar, boil and pour over hot.
Boil again in three days and pour over the pickles after it gets cold,
and in two days pour off the vinegar and boil again and pour over the
pickles hot. Boil three times altogether.

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