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Vermont Pickles Cucumbers

(Pickles.) - (The Cookery Blue Book)

The first day make a brine strong enough to bear an egg, and pour

boiling hot on the pickles; cover and let them stand twenty-four hours.

The second day drain from the brine and make alum water boiling hot to

cover them well, allowing a piece of alum the size of an egg to every

hundred pickles. Cover tightly again for twenty-four hours. The third

day drain from the alum water and cover with boiling hot vinegar, in

which let them stand for one week. Then heat your vinegar boiling hot

again, and add the following spices, etc., to every hundred: 1

tablespoonful cloves, 1 of coriander seed, 1 of ginger root, 2 of

cinnamon, 2 of celery seed, 2 of mustard seed, 2 of whole pepper seed, 1

cup sugar, 1 of horse radish root, sliced fine. Put a layer of oak

leaves in the bottom of your firkin, or jar, then a layer of pickles and

spices, then leaves again, and so on until full, covering the top with

the leaves, and pouring the boiling vinegar over all. They will be ready

to use in two weeks, and will keep two years. The oak leaves are very

essential for their astringent qualities.

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