1 Stuffed Fillets Of Flounders

Take fillets from a flounder weighing 2-1/2 lbs., season with salt and

pepper, and a few drops of onion juice, if desired. Spread on one half

of each fillet a tablespoonful of mashed potato (about 1 cup should be

prepared) mixed with the beaten yolk of an egg, and seasoned with 1

tablespoonful of butter, 1/4 of a teaspoonful of salt and a dash of

pepper. Fold the other half of each fillet over the potato, cover with

crumbs, dip in the white of egg beaten with 2 tablespoonfuls of water,

and again cover with crumbs and fry in deep fat. Drain on soft paper,

then insert a short piece of macaroni in the pointed end of each fillet

and cover this with a paper frill. Garnish and serve with tomato

sauce Janet M. Hill, in "Boston Cooking School Magazine."