11 Fig Ice Cream

Put 3-1/2 cupfuls of milk in a double boiler and as soon as it comes to

a boil stir in two tablespoonfuls of corn-starch that has been mixed

with 1/2 a cupful of cold milk. Cook for ten minutes. Beat together 3

eggs and a cup and a half of sugar. Pour the cooked corn-starch and milk

on this, stirring all the time. Put back again on the fire, and add 1

tablespoonful of gelatine which has been dissolved in 4 tablespoonfuls

of cold water. Cook three minutes. Set away to cool. When cold add 1 pt.

of cream and 1 tablespoonful of vanilla and freeze. When the mixture has

been freezing for ten minutes, take off the cover and add 2 cupfuls of

chopped figs. Cover again and freeze hard.