Consomme A La Toledo Clear Soup


One quart stock, two eggs, two gherkins, a little red and green

colouring, two tablespoonfuls cream, whites and shells of two eggs, one

wine glass of sherry, and a little nutmeg. Beat the two whole eggs, pour

over them the cream (hot.) Season the custard with pepper, salt and

nutmeg, colour half red and half green, pour both parts into buttered

tins, poach in hot water until firm. Beat the whites and shells of eggs

with a little cold water, add them to the stock, pour it into a saucepan

and whisk over the fire till boiling; draw on one side and simmer ten

minutes. Cut the custard in shapes, rinse then in warm water, shred the

gherkins, strain the soup, add the wine and garnishing just before