Fish Canapes Recipe

Pick apart sufficient cold cooked fish to make a half pint. Rub

together two level tablespoonfuls of butter and two of flour, add a half

pint of milk, stir until boiling, add a half teaspoonful of salt, a

teaspoonful of soy, a dash of red pepper and a half saltspoonful of

black pepper. When this is hot add the fish and four or five nice sliced

mushrooms; stand over hot water, without stirring, until the fish is

thoroughly heated. While this is heating, trim the crusts from six

slices of bread; toast the one side carefully. Have ready in your pastry

bag with a star tube a pint of light mashed potatoes; press in a

rope-like form, or in small rosettes, around the edge of the bread on

the untoasted side. Brush the bread with a little melted butter, put

them in the oven until the potatoes and bread are a golden brown. Dish

these on square paper mats on individual plates, fill the centers with

the creamed fish and send at once to the table.

Canned salmon may be used in the place of fresh boiled fish.



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