Roll out a piece of dough large enough to cover your whole baking-board,
roll thin. Let it rise until you have prepared the filling; grind one
cup of black poppy seed in a coffee-mill as tight as possible and clean
it well, throw away the first bit you grind so as not to have the coffee
taste; put it on to boil with one cup of milk, add two tablespoons of
butter, one-half cup of seeded raisins, one-half cup of walnuts or
almonds chopped up fine, two tablespoons of molasses or syrup, and a
little citron cut up fine. When thick, set it away to cool, and if not
sweet enough add more sugar and flavor with vanilla. When this mixture
has cooled, spread on the dough which has risen by this time. Take up
one corner and roll it up, into a long roll, like a jelly-roll, put in a
greased pan and let it rise an hour, then spread butter on top and bake
very slowly. Let it get quite brown, so as to bake through thoroughly.
When cold cut up in slices, as many as you are going to use at one time