PfÄrvel--fleischig Recipe

Make as much egg barley as required. Heat two tablespoons of fat, add
one-quarter cup of onions, fry until golden brown, add the dried egg
barley and brown nicely. Place in a pudding-dish, add three cups of hot
soup stock or water to more than cover. Bake in a moderate oven about
one hour or until the water has nearly all evaporated and the egg barley
stands out like beads and is soft. The onion may be omitted. Serve hot
in place of a vegetable.
Make a dough of one egg with a tablespoon of water; add a pinch of salt;
work this just as you would noodle dough, quite stiff. Sift the flour in
a bowl, break in the egg, add the salt and water, mix slowly by stirring
with the handle of a knife, stirring in the same direction all the time.
When this dough is so stiff that you cannot work it with the knife,
flour your noodle board and work it with the hollow of your hands,
always toward you, until the dough is perfectly smooth; roll out as thin
as paper and cut into squares three inches in diameter. Fill with pot
cheese or schmierkaese which has been prepared in the following manner:
Stir up a piece of butter the size of an egg, adding one egg, sugar,
cinnamon, grated peel of a lemon and pinch of salt, pounded almonds,
which improve it; fill the kraepfli with a teaspoon, wet the edges with
beaten egg, fold into triangles, pressing the edges firmly together;
boil in boiling milk; when done they will swim to the top. Eat with
melted butter or cream.



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