Kohl-rabi Recipe

Kohl-rabi, also known as German turnip or turnip cabbage, is a delicious vegetable with a mild, sweet flavor. It is commonly used in European cuisine and is a versatile ingredient in various dishes. In this recipe, we will be creating a flavorful Kohl-rabi dish that highlights the tender texture and delicate taste of the vegetable.

To begin, it is important to select young Kohl-rabi with a diameter of not more than two or three inches. This ensures that the vegetable is at its peak tenderness and flavor. Once you have chosen the Kohl-rabi, start by washing it thoroughly to remove any dirt or impurities.

After washing, peel the Kohl-rabi and cut it into small dice. This will allow for even cooking and ensure that all the pieces are tender. Place the diced Kohl-rabi in a pot of salted water and bring it to a boil. Cook the Kohl-rabi until it becomes tender, which usually takes around 10-15 minutes.

While the Kohl-rabi is cooking, prepare the greens or tops. These can be found attached to the Kohl-rabi and are also edible. Separate the greens from the root and wash them thoroughly. Once cleaned, place the greens in a separate pot of boiling water and cook until tender. This typically takes around 5-7 minutes.

Once the greens are cooked, drain them and chop them into fine pieces. A wooden bowl is recommended for chopping as it helps retain the delicate flavors of the greens.

In a separate pan, melt butter or fat over medium heat. Once melted, add flour to create a roux. Stir the mixture continuously until it turns golden brown. This will give the dish a rich, slightly nutty flavor.

Next, add the chopped greens to the pan and stir to combine with the roux. This will create a thick, flavorful base for the dish. To enhance the taste, add one cup of the cooking liquid from the Kohl-rabi or substitute it with one cup of soup stock. This liquid will infuse the dish with additional flavor and create a velvety texture.

Finally, add the cooked Kohl-rabi to the pan and stir to combine all the ingredients. Allow the dish to cook together for a few minutes, ensuring that the flavors are well-incorporated. Once heated through, the Kohl-rabi dish is ready to be served.

Kohl-rabi can be enjoyed as a side dish or as a main course. Its delicate flavor pairs well with a variety of proteins such as chicken, pork, or fish. Additionally, it complements a range of seasonings and spices, allowing for endless customization and experimentation.

It is worth noting that Kohl-rabi is a nutrient-rich vegetable. It is an excellent source of Vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. Incorporating Kohl-rabi into your diet can contribute to overall health and wellbeing.

In summary, this recipe for Kohl-rabi offers a simple yet flavorful way to prepare this unique vegetable. By cooking the Kohl-rabi until tender and combining it with the cooked greens, a delicious dish is created. The delicate flavors of the Kohl-rabi are enhanced by the roux and the cooking liquid, resulting in a truly satisfying meal.

Similar to Kohl-rabi, other root vegetables such as turnips, rutabagas, and radishes can be prepared in a similar manner. Their flavors and textures allow for endless culinary possibilities. Experimenting with these vegetables can result in exciting and delicious dishes that are sure to impress.



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