Stewed Fresh Tongue Recipe

Stewed Fresh Tongue Recipe

Stewed Fresh Tongue is a traditional dish that dates back centuries and has been enjoyed by many cultures around the world. The dish was often prepared using tongue from various animals such as cow, lamb, pig, or even fish. It was believed that cooking the tongue in a stew would soften the meat and make it tender and flavorful. Over time, different variations and techniques have been developed to enhance the taste and texture of the tongue.

Fun Facts:
1. Tongue was considered a delicacy by many ancient civilizations, including the Romans and Greeks.
2. In some cultures, tongue was believed to have medicinal properties and was used to cure ailments.
3. Stewed tongue was a popular dish among royalty and aristocracy in medieval times.
4. Different regions have their own unique twist on the stewed tongue recipe, incorporating local spices and ingredients.

Recipe: Stewed Fresh Tongue

- 1 fresh tongue
- Cold water
- 1/2 head of celery
- 1 turnip
- 1 carrot
- 2 onions
- 12 cloves
- Salt
- Cayenne pepper
- 1 tablespoon of made mustard
- 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
- 3 tablespoonfuls of mushroom catsup
- 3 pickled gherkins, chopped
- 1 glass of port or red wine
- 2 ounces of butter
- 3 ounces of browned flour


1. Soak the fresh tongue in cold water for one hour to remove any impurities.
2. After soaking, place the tongue in a large pot and boil it for three hours. This will help soften the meat.
3. Once the tongue is cooked, remove the skin and set it aside.
4. In a stewpan, add half a head of celery, one turnip, one carrot, and two onions, all cut into small pieces.
5. Add the cloves, salt, and cayenne pepper to the stewpan.
6. Simmer the mixture for one and a half hours to allow the flavors to meld together.
7. Remove the tongue from the stewpan and set aside.
8. To the gravy in the stewpan, add one tablespoonful of made mustard, one tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce, three tablespoonfuls of mushroom catsup, and the chopped pickled gherkins.
9. Pour in one glass of port or red wine and add the butter, creamed with three ounces of browned flour. Stir until the mixture is smooth.
10. Return the tongue to the sauce and simmer for half an hour to allow the flavors to infuse.

Serve the Stewed Fresh Tongue hot with the flavorful sauce over the top. It can be accompanied by mashed potatoes, rice, or steamed vegetables.

Similar Recipe Dishes:
1. Braised Beef Tongue: This dish follows a similar cooking technique but uses beef tongue instead. It is often braised with aromatic vegetables and served with a rich sauce.
2. Ox Tongue Stew: This variation uses ox tongue, and it incorporates spices like paprika and bay leaves to enhance the flavors.
3. Pickled Tongue Sandwich: A popular dish in some countries, this recipe involves pickling the tongue before slicing it thinly and serving it on bread with mustard and pickles.

Experiment with different variations and ingredients to create your own twist on this classic dish. Enjoy the unique flavors and tender texture of Stewed Fresh Tongue!



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