To Preserve Cherries

Either Morella or Carnations, stone the Cherries: To Morella

Cherries, take the Jelly of white Currants, drawn with a little

Water; and run thro a Jelly-bag a Pint and a half of the Jelly, and

three Pounds of fine Sugar; set it on a quick Fire; when it boils,

scum it, and put in two Pounds of the ston'd Cherries; let them not

boil too fast at first, take them off some Times; when they are

tender, boil them very fast 'till they jelly, and are very clear;

then put them in the Pots or Glasses. The Carnation Cherries must

have red Currants-Jelly; and if you can get no white Currants,

Codling-Jelly will serve for the Morella.