To Preserve Cucumbers Recipe

Take Cucumbers of the same Bigness that you wou'd to pickle; pick

them fresh, green, and free from Spots; boil them in Water 'till

they are tender; then run a Knitting-needle through them the long

Way, and scrape off all Roughness; then green them, which is done

thus: Let your Water be ready to boil, take it off, and put in a

good Piece of Roach-Allum; set it on the Fire, and put in the

Cucumbers; cover them close 'till you see they look green; weigh

them, and take their Weight in single-refin'd Sugar clarify'd; to a

Pound of Sugar put a Pint of Water; put your Cucumbers in; boil them

a little close-cover'd; set them by, and boil them a little every

Day for four Days; then take them out of your Syrup, and make a

Syrup of double-refin'd Sugar, a Pound of Sugar and half a Pint of

Water to every Pound of Cucumbers; put in your Cucumbers, and boil

them 'till they are clear; then put in the Juice of two or three

Lemmons, and a little Orange-flower-water, and give them a Boil

altogether: You may either lay them out to dry, or keep them in

Syrup; but every Time you take any out, make the other scalding hot,

and they will keep two or three Years.



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