To Preserve Goosberries Recipe

Take the white Goosberries, stamp and strain them; then take the

largest white Goosberries when they just begin to turn, stone them,

and to half a Pound of the Goosberries put a Pound of Loaf Sugar

beaten very fine, half a Pint of the Juice of that which is

strain'd, (but let it stand 'till it is settled and very clear) and

six Spoonfuls of Water; set them on a very quick Fire; let them boil

as fast as you can make them, up to the Top of the Pan; when you see

the Sugar as it boils look clear, they are enough, which will be in

less than half a quarter of an Hour: Put them in Pots or Glasses,

paper them close; the next Day, if they are not hard enough jelly'd,

set them for a Day or two on an hot Stove, or in some warm Place,

but not in the Sun; and when they are jelly'd, put Papers close to

'em; the Papers must be first wet, and then dry'd with a Cloth.



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