To Preserve Green Apricocks Recipe

Take Apricocks before the Stones are very hard; wet them, and lay

them in a coarse Cloth; put to them two or three large Handfuls of

Salt, rub them 'till the Roughness is off, then put them in scalding

Water; set them over the Fire 'till they almost boil, then set them

off the Fire 'till they are almost cold; do so two or three Times;

after this, let them be close cover'd; and when they look to be

green, let them boil 'till they begin to be tender; weigh them, and

make a Syrup of their Weight in Sugar, to a Pound of Sugar allowing

half a Pint of Water to make the Syrup; let it be almost cold before

you put in the Apricocks; boil them up well 'till they are clear;

warm the Syrup daily, 'till it is pretty thick. You may put them in

a Codling-Jelly, or Hartshorn Jelly, or dry them as you use them.



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