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Recipes for CHEESE category

Scrambled Eggs With Sausage
Cottage Cheese (pot Cheese)
Koch Kaese (boiled Cheese)
A Delicious Cream Cheese
Cheese Balls, No. 1
Cheese Balls, No. 2
Cheese SoufflÉ
Welsh Rarebit
Golden Buck
Cheese Bread
Rice And Cheese
Macaroni And Cheese
Cheese Omelet
Cheese Fondue
Crackers And Cheese
Raisin Pie. Mrs. J. M. Davidson.
How To Make A Welsh Rare-bit.
Welsh Rare-bit. Mrs. W. C. Butcher.
Cheese Fonda. Mrs. W. C. Butcher.
Cheese Sandwich.
Cheese Sticks.
Cheese Straws. Mrs. Fred. Schaeffer.
Cheese Wafers. Florence Eckhart.
Delicate Cake. Mrs. C. H. Williams.
White Cake. Mrs. Alice Kraner And Miss Rosa Owens.
White Cake. Mrs. Dell W. De Wolfe.
White Cake. Mrs. Wm. Hoover.
White Cake. Mrs. A. C. Ault.
Snow Cake. Mrs. John Kishler.
Loaf Cake. Mrs. John Landon.
Silver Cake. Mrs. John Landon.
Gold Cake. Mrs. John Landon.
Angels Food Cake. Florence Eckhart.
Angel Cake. Mrs. C. C. Stoltz.
Angel Food Cake. Miss Nellie Linsley.
Sunshine Cake. Mrs. Frank Arrowsmith And Maud Stoltz.
Cold Water Cake. Miss Anna Barth.
Brides Cake. Mrs. J. J. Sloan.
Sponge Cake. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
Sponge Cake. Mrs. Harry True.
Sponge Cake. Mrs. P. O. Sharpless.
Sponge Cake. Mrs. T. H. Linsley.
Lemon Cake. Mrs. T. H. Linsley.
Pound Cake. Mrs. U. F. Seffner.
Hickory Nut Cake. Mrs. C. C. Campbell.
Mother's Old-fashioned Cake. Mrs. O. W. Weeks.
Loaf Cake. Mrs. R. H. Johnson.
Loaf Cake. Mrs. Eliza Bowen.
Raisin Cake. Mrs. Frank Arrowsmith.
Dried Apple Fruit Cake. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
Apple Fruit Cake. Mrs. T. H. Linsley.
Coffee Cake. Maud Stoltz.
Coffee Cake. Mrs. Beckie Smith And Mrs. Josie C. Yager.
Coffee Cake. Mrs. T. H. Linsley.
Hickory Nut Cake. Mrs. T. H. Linsley.
Hickory Nut Cake. Mrs. W. C. Rapp.
Raised Cake. Mrs. Jennie Hershberger, Tiffin, Ohio.
Fruit Cake. Mrs. A. A. Lucas.
Fruit Cake. Mrs. T. H. Linsley.
Fruit Cake. Mrs. G. H. Wright.
Fruit Cake. Mrs. John Evans.
Plain Fruit Cake. Mrs. R. H. Johnson.
Black Wedding Cake. Mrs. J. J. Sloan.
White Fruit Cake. Mrs. Samuel Saiter.
Excellent White Cake. Mrs. W. C. Butcher.
White Layer Cake. Mrs. A. C. Ault.
Yellow Layer Cake. Mrs. A. C. Ault.
Blackberry Jam Cake. Ozella Seffner.
Blackberry Jam Cake. Mrs. Alice Kraner.
Grape Jam Cake. Mrs. J. Edd Thomas.
Chocolate Cake. Winona Hughes.
Chocolate Cake. Mrs. Harry True.
Chocolate Cake. Mrs. John D. Stokes.
Delicious Chocolate Cake. Miriam De Wolfe.
Chocolate Cake. Mrs. J. C. Walter.
Cream Cake. Mrs. Josie Yager.
Cream Cake. Mrs. Fenton Fish.
Cream Cake. Mrs. Ned Thatcher.
Cream Cake. Mrs. G. H. Wright.
Custard Cake. Miss Ann Thompson.
Lemon Cream Cake. Mrs. C. H.
Ice-cream Cake. Mrs. C. H.
Roll Jelly Cake. Gail Hamilton.
Lemon Jelly Cake. Iva Fish.
Fig Cake. Mrs. C. C. Campbell.
Neapolitan Cake. Mrs. A. C. Ault.
Maple Cake. Mrs. C. C. Campbell.
Vanity Cake. Mrs. John Landon.
Devils Food Cake. Mrs. Fenton Fish.
Devils Food Cake. Mrs. G. H. Wright.
Delmonico's Cake. Mrs. M. S. Leonard.
English Walnut Cake. Mrs. Mary W. Whitmarsh.
Columbia Cake. Ozella Seffner.
Favorite Snow Cake. Mrs. Carrie Owens.
Orange Cake. Mrs. Carrie Owens.
Tea Cake. Mrs. Geo. Turner.
Ribbon Cake. Mrs. Lizzie Martin.
Almond Jelly Cake. Mrs. George Kling.
White Layer Cake. Mrs. Mary Dickerson.
Icing For Cake. Mrs. G. A. Livingston.
Chocolate Icing. Ethel Clark.
Frosting Without Eggs.
Fig Filling For Cake.
Lemon Jelly For Cake.
Gingerbread. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
Soft Gingerbread. Mrs. E. A Seffner.
Soft Gingerbread. Miss Kittie M. Smith.
Soft Gingerbread. Gail Hamilton.
Soft Gingerbread. Mrs. G. E. Salmon.
Excellent Soft Gingerbread. Mrs. Carrie Owens.
Gingerbread For Two. Mrs. M. Leonard.
Soft Gingerbread. Mrs. M. Vose.
Fried Cakes. Mrs. J. C. Johnstone.
Fried Cakes. Mrs. Louise Jones.
Doughnuts. Mrs. G. H. Wright.
Doughnuts. Mrs. R. H. Johnson.
Doughnuts. Mrs. T. H. Linsley.
Doughnuts. Mrs. A. C. Ault.
Doughnuts. Mrs. M. S. Leonard.
Doughnuts. Mrs. P. O. Sharpless.
Doughnuts. Maud Stoltz.
Doughnuts. Mrs. J. S. Reed.
Crullers. Mrs. C. H. Williams.
Cream Crullers. Mrs. C. H.
Soft Ginger Cakes. Mrs. J. S. Reed.
Ginger Cakes. Mrs. P. G. Harvey.
Cheap Cookies. Mrs. Belle Bland.
Cookies. Mrs. L. M. Denison.
Cookies. Mrs. John Landon.
Cookies. Mrs. W. C. Butcher.
Cookies. Mrs. P. G. Harvey.
Cookies. Mrs. G. M. Beicher.
Cream Cookies. Miss Kittie Smith.
Good Cookies. Mrs. L. A. Jones.
Good Cookies. Mrs. Jennie Krause.
Cookies. Mrs. H. A. Martin
Cookies. Ann Thompson.
Splendid Eggless Cookies. Mrs. E. S. Boalt.
Hard Cookies. Mrs. Salmon.
Cookies. Mrs. Lizzie Martin.
My Grandmother's Cookies. Mrs. J. Edd Thomas.
Molasses Cookies. Mrs. C. E. Martin.
Ginger Nuts. Mrs. Beckie Smith.
Ginger Snaps. Mrs. Harry True.
Ginger Cookies. Mrs. Jacob Hoberman.
Ginger Cookies. Mrs. Chas. Moore.
Ginger Cookies. Florence Eckhart.
Sugar Snaps. Mrs. Susie Seffner.
Sand Cakes. Mrs. Abbie A. Lucas.
Cocoanut Cookies. Mrs. A. A. Lucas.
Lemon Crackers. Mrs. A. O. Johnson.
Hickory Nut Macaroons. Mrs. W. C. Rapp And Mrs. Abbie A. Lucas.
Hickory Macaroons. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
Cocoanut Macaroons. Mrs. J. C. Walters.
Chocolate Macaroons. Mrs. Eckhart.
Hickory Nut Cookies. Ozella Seffner.
Hickory Nut Cookies. Ann Thompson.
Hickory Nut Cakes. Mrs. O. W. Weeks.
Cream Puffs. Mrs. T. H. Linsley.
Kisses. Florence Eckhart.
Apple Float. Mrs. M. E. Wright.
Float. Florence Turney.
Float. Florence Turney.
Charlotte Russe.
Lemon Sponge Or Snow Pudding. Ozella Seffner.
Lemon Jelly. Gail Hamilton.
Orange Jelly. Mrs. O. W. Weeks.
Orange Jelly. Mrs. L. D. Hamilton.
Orange Souffle. Mrs. George Turner.
Orange Cream. Mrs. S. E. Barlow.
Bavarian Cream. Mrs. Chas. Moore.
Ambrosia For One. A. L. Oolah, Or George Van Fleet.
Jellied Fruit. Mrs. Retta Lucas.
Gelatine, With Fruit. Mrs. W. H. Eckhart.
Fruit Recipe For Hot Weather.
Fruit Salad. Carrie Linsley.
Fruit Salad. Carrie Linsley.
Kentucky Pudding. Mamie Fairfield.
Peach Ice-cream. Nell Linsley.
A Dainty Dessert.
Frozen Cherries.
Frozen Ambrosia.
Frozen Peaches And Plums.
Pineapple Souffle.
Bisque Ice-cream.
Lemon Sherbert. Mrs. G. H. Wright.
Lemon Ice. Mrs. H. T. Van Fleet.
Apricot Ice. Alice Fairfield.
Cheese Pudding
Duchess Soup
Cheese Balls
Cheese Soufflé
Cheese Fonda
Cheese Sticks