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(Preserved Fruit) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

A novelty for the preserve closet and one that is very good is made from
ripe apples and quinces. Use one peck of juicy cooking apples and two
quarts of sugar. Pare the quinces and cut out the cores. Put the parings
and cores into a preserving kettle with two quarts of water and boil
gently for forty-five minutes. Meanwhile, cut the quinces into eighths,
put them into a kettle with three pints of water and simmer until the
fruit can be pierced with a straw; then lift the fruit from the water
and lay them on a platter to drain. Strain the water in which the
parings and cores have cooked into the water in which the quinces have
cooked, and after adding the sugar boil for ten minutes. Pare, core and
quarter the apples, and place in the syrup with the cooked quinces. Cook
slowly for fifteen minutes and seal immediately in sterilized jars. The
combined flavors of the quince and apple are very pleasing.

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