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Bechamel Or White Sauce No 1

(Sauces.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Take half a quarter of a pound of butter, three pounds of veal, cut into

small slices, a quarter of a pound of ham, some trimmings of mushrooms,

truffles, and morels, two white onions, a bunch of parsley, and thyme,

put the whole into a stewpan, and set it on the fire till the meat is

made firm; then put in three spoonfuls of flour, moistened with boiling

hot thin cream. Keep this sauce rather thin, so that while you reduce it

the ingredients may have time to be stewed thoroughly. Season with a

little salt and cayenne pepper, and strain it through a sieve. This is

excellent for pouring over roast veal instead of butter, and is a good

sauce for hashed veal, for any white meat, and for all sorts of


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