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(Wines, Cordials, Liqueurs, &c.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

One drachm of cardamom seed, two scruples of saffron, three ounces of

green root, two scruples of cochineal, and four ounces of orange-peel.

Put these ingredients into a large bottle, and fill it with the very

best French brandy, so that they are well covered; after it has stood

for three days, take out the liquor, and put it into another large

bottle; fill up the first before, and let it stand four or five days;

then once more take out the liquor and fill up again, letting it stand

ten or twelve days. Then take it out again, put it all together, and it

will be fit for use.

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Thoroughwort Bitters

Make a strong tea of the thoroughwort--strain it, and when cool, put to

a couple of quarts of it half a pint of French brandy, the peel of two

or three fresh oranges, cut into small bits, and half a dozen bunches of

fennel, or smallage seed. The seed and orange peel should be crowded

into a bottle, then the tea and brandy turned in. The bottle should be

corked tight. The bitters will keep good almost any length of time, and

is an excellent remedy for bilious complaints, and can often be taken

when the thoroughwort tea will not sit on the stomach. A wine glass of

these bitters to a tumbler of water is about the right proportion. It

should have a little sugar added to it before drinking it.

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