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(Icings And Fillings For Cakes) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

One cup of sugar, one-third cup of boiling water, white of one egg
beaten stiff. Pour water on sugar until dissolved, heat slowly to
boiling point without stirring; boil until syrup will thread when
dropped from tip of spoon; as soon as it threads, pour slowly over
beaten white, then beat with heavy wire spoon until of proper
consistency to spread. Flavor.

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Take the white of one egg and add to it the same quantity of water
(measure in an egg shell). Stir into this as much confectioner's sugar
to make it of the right consistency to spread upon the cake. Flavor with
any flavoring desired. You may color it as you would boiled frosting by
adding fruit coloring.

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Boil together 1 cup of granulated sugar and 5 tablespoonfuls boiling
water ten or twelve minutes, or until a small quantity dropped from
spoon spins a thread. Stir this into the stiffly-beaten white of one
egg until thick and creamy. Flavor with lemon, almond or vanilla
flavoring and spread on cake. Dip knife in hot water occasionally when
spreading icing on cake.
A delicious icing is composed of almonds blanched and pounded to a
paste. Add a few drops of essence of bitter almonds. Dust the top of
the cake lightly with flour, spread on the almond paste and when
nearly dry cover with ordinary icing. Dry almonds before pounding them
in mortar, and use a small quantity of rose water. A few drops only
should be used of essence of bitter almonds to flavor icing or cake. A
pinch of baking powder added to sugar when making boiled icing causes
the icing to become more creamy, or add a pinch of cream of tartar
when making boiled icing. Or, when a cake iced with "boiled icing" has
become cold, spread on top of icing unsweetened, melted chocolate.
This is a delicious "cream chocolate icing."

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Boiled Icing

One cup of granulated sugar, five tablespoonfuls of boiling water, the

white of one egg beaten to a stiff froth. Put the sugar and water over

the fire and boil until it threads from the spoon; then turn it into the

beaten egg, beat briskly for a few minutes, flavor with vanilla, lemon

or almond, according to the cake. While the cake is still warm, sprinkle

with flour and spread the icing on with a broad knife.

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Boiled Icing

For the plain white boiled icing, simply omit the chocolate from the

foregoing recipe, and flavor as desired.

After the two white layers have been put into the oven, if she will be

very careful not to forget them, our little maid can go at her loaf


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