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(Pudding Sauces) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Take one cup of water, a quarter glass of brandy, one cup of sugar,
juice of half a lemon. Boil all in double boiler. Beat the yolks of two
eggs light, and add the boiling sauce gradually to them, stirring
constantly until thick.

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Brandy Sauce

Mix a tablespoonful of fine flour with a gill of cold water, put it into

a gill of boiling water, and, having stirred over the fire until it is

thick, add the yolk of an egg. Continue stirring for five minutes, and

sweeten with two ounces of castor sugar. Mix a wine-glass of brandy with

two tablespoonfuls of sherry, stir it into the sauce, and pour it round

the pudding. If liked, a grate of nutmeg may be added to the sauce, and,

if required to be rich, an ounce of butter may be stirred in before the


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