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Chicken And Ham Ragout Of

(Poultry.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

Clear a chicken which has been dressed of all the sauce that may be

about it. If it has been roasted, pare off the brown skin, take some

soup, veal jelly, and cream, and a table-spoonful of mushrooms; if

pickled, wash them in several waters to take out the vinegar: put them

in the jelly, and keep this sauce to heat up. Cut up the chicken, the

wings and breast in slices, the merrythought also, and divide the legs.

Heat the fowl up separately from the sauce in a little thin broth:

prepare six or eight slices of ham stewed apart in brown gravy; dip each

piece of the fowl in the white sauce, and lay them in the middle of the

dish with a piece of the ham alternately one beside another, taking care

that as little of the white sauce as possible goes on the ham, to

preserve its colour. Lay the legs one on each side of the meat in the

middle; and pour the sauce in the middle, taking care not to pour it

over the ham.

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