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(Fresh Fruits And Compote) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

It is not necessary to take a fine quality of pears for this purpose.
Pare the fruit, leaving on the stems, and stew in sugar and a very
little water. Flavor with stick cinnamon and a few cloves (take out the
head of each clove) and when soft place each pear carefully on a platter
until cold. Then arrange them nicely in a glass bowl or flat glass dish,
the stems all on the outer rim. Pour over them the sauce, which should
be boiled thick like syrup. Eat cold.

Other Recipes

Cold Compote Of Pears

Peel and slice thin a quart of Bartlett pears,

(cost fifteen cents,) lay them in a glass dish, pour over them a little

wine, and sprinkle them plentifully with powdered sugar. Let them stand

in a cool place for an hour before using them. A nice dish will cost

less than twenty cents.

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