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Cranberry Bavarian Cream

(Desserts.) - (The Golden Age Cook Book)

Stew one quart of cranberries; while hot rub through a sieve; measure

out half a pint, and add to it a half cup of granulated sugar. Have a

quarter of a box of gelatine soaked in a quarter of a cup of water one

hour, set the bowl over steam entirely to dissolve the gelatine, then

add the cranberries. Turn it into an earthenware bowl, set in a pan of

ice water and beat until it is perfectly cold and begins to thicken,

then add half a cup of rich milk and beat again, and at the last add

half a cup of whipped cream. Beat it thoroughly and turn it into a mould

and set on the ice to congeal. Serve with cream. Do not use a tin mould

for cranberries.

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