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Currant Pudding

(Desserts.) - (The Golden Age Cook Book)

Stem and wash some currants, mash through a sieve, add as much water as

there is currant juice and sweeten to taste. To one quart of liquid take

two ounces of Groult's potato flour. Mix the potato flour with a little

of the cold fruit juice, put the rest over the fire, and when it comes

to a boil stir in the flour and let it cook for a few minutes. It will

become clear. Turn it into a mould that has been dipped in cold water,

and set it when cool on the ice until the next day. Turn out carefully

and serve with cream.

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Currant Pudding

Take one pound of flour, ten ounces of currants, five of moist sugar, a

little grated ginger, nutmeg, and sliced lemon-peel. Put the flour with

the sugar on one side of the basin, and the currants on the other. Melt

a quarter of a pound of butter in half a pint of milk; let it stand till

lukewarm; then add two yolks of eggs and one white only, well beaten,

and three tea-spoonfuls of yest. To prevent bitterness, put a piece of

red-hot charcoal, of the size of a walnut, into the milk; strain it

through a sieve, and pour it over the currants, leaving the flour and

the sugar on the other side of the basin. Throw a little flour from the

dredger over the milk; then cover it up, and leave it at the fire-side

for half an hour to rise. Then mix the whole together with a spoon; put

it into the mould, and leave it again by the fire to rise for another

half hour.

Other Recipes

Raspberry And Currant Pudding

Stew raspberries and currants with sugar and water, taking care to have

plenty of juice. Cut the crumb of a stale tin-loaf in slices about

half-an-inch thick and put in a pie-dish, leaving room for the bread to

swell, with alternate layers of fruit, until the dish is full. Then put

in as much of the juice as you can without causing the bread to rise.

When it is soaked up put in the rest of the juice, cover with a plate,

and let the pudding stand until the next day. When required for use turn

out and pour over it a good custard or cream. The excellence of this

pudding depends on there being plenty of syrup to soak the bread

thoroughly. This is useful when pastry is objected to.

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