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(Fish.) - (The Art Of Living In Australia)

2 lbs. Chops--5d.

1/2 oz. Curry Powder--1d.

1 oz. Butter--1d.

Lemon Juice

1/4 lb. Rice

1/2 pint Gravy or Water--1d.

1/2 oz. Flour

1 Apple

1 Onion


Total Cost--9d.

Time--Three Hours.

Trim some of the fat away from the chops. Put the butter into a
stewpan, put in the chops and brown them quickly; take out,
chop up the apple and onion, and fry that too. Sprinkle with the curry
powder and flour, pour in the stock or water and stir until it boils,
then put back the chops, bring to the boil, and simmer very gently for
three hours. Dish carefully, boil up the gravy, and if it is not thick
enough boil quickly without the lid for some minutes. Season with salt
and lemon juice and pour over the chops. Boil the rice by directions
given elsewhere; rinse out a small mould or cup in cold water, press
the rice into it, and turn out. Serve this in a separate dish, but send
it to the table with the curry.

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