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(Garnishes And Dumplings For Soup) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Put in a double boiler one kitchen spoon of fresh butter, stir in one
cup of milk. When it begins to boil stir in enough farina to thicken.
Take off the stove and when cold add the yolks of two eggs and the
stiffly-beaten whites, and a little salt and nutmeg and one-half cup of
grated almonds if desired. Let cool, then make into little balls, and
ten minutes before soup is to be served, drop in boiler and let boil up
once or twice.
Two yolks of eggs beaten very light, add a pinch of salt, pepper and
finely-chopped parsley. Add six blanched almonds grated, enough sifted
flour to make stiff batter, then add the stiffly-beaten whites of eggs
and one-half teaspoon of baking powder. Drop by teaspoons in soup ten
minutes before serving.

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Beat yolks of four eggs with three tablespoons of goose, turkey or
chicken fat, but if these are not convenient, clear beef drippings will
do. Put in enough farina to make a good Batter. Beat whites of eggs to
a stiff froth with pinch of salt, and stir in batter. Put on in large
boiler sufficient water to boil dumplings and add one tablespoon of
salt. When boiling drop in by tablespoons. Boil one hour. This quantity
makes twenty dumplings.

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