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(Sandwiches) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Put fresh lettuce leaves, washed and dried, between thin layers of
bread. Spread with Mayonnaise or Boiled Dressing.

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27 Lettuce Sandwiches

Wash and dry the young and tender leaves of a head of lettuce. Butter

slices of graham bread, spread with a thick layer of mayonnaise

dressing, lay lettuce leaves between two slices.

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Lettuce Sandwiches

Have bread made into a large, square loaf, take off the crust from one

end, butter and then cut into slices. Take the white part of lettuce,

wash and wipe it perfectly dry; have ready three hard-boiled eggs,

remove the yolks, put them through a sieve and rub to a perfectly smooth

paste with four tablespoonfuls of very thick cream. Add one-half

tablespoonful lemon juice and then stir in about four tablespoonfuls of

whipped cream; season with red pepper and add teaspoonful of salt. Cover

slices of bread with leaves of lettuce, put on a goodly quantity of

dressing and then on top of this another slice of bread. This may be

served in squares tied together with ribbon, or they may be pressed and

cut into long narrow pieces. Of course, they must be made only a short

time before serving.

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Lettuce Sandwiches

On thin slices of buttered bread lay a fresh leaf of lettuce, and spread

with salad dressing, before adding top slice.

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