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Mead No 1

(Wines, Cordials, Liqueurs, &c.) - (The Lady's Own Cookery Book)

In six gallons of water dissolve fourteen pounds of honey; then add

three or four eggs, with the whites; set it upon the fire, and let it

boil half an hour. Put into it balm, sweet marjoram, and sweet briar, of

each ten sprigs, half an ounce of cinnamon, the same of mace, twenty

cloves, and half a race of ginger sliced very thin: let it boil a

quarter of an hour; then take it off the fire, pour it into a tub, and

let it remain till nearly cold. Take six ounces of syrup of citron, and

one spoonful of ale yest; beat them well together, put it into the

liquor, and let it stand till cold. Take a sufficient quantity of

coarse bread to cover the barrel, and bake it very hard; then take as

much ale yest as will spread it over thin, put it into the liquor, and

let it stand till it comes to a head. Strain it out; put the liquor into

a cask, and add to it a quart of the best Rhenish wine. When it has done

working, stop it up close, and let it stand a month; then draw it out

into bottles; tie the corks down close; and let them stand a month.

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