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(Cookies) - (The International Jewish Cook Book)

Sift one pound of flour and one pound of pulverized sugar into a large
bowl, four eggs, a piece of citron grated or chopped very fine, also the
peel of a lemon, one whole nutmeg grated, one tablespoon of ground
cinnamon, one-half teaspoon of ground cloves, and half a teaspoon of
allspice. Mix all thoroughly in a deep bowl. Sift a heaping teaspoon of
baking-powder in with the flour. Work into little balls as large as
hickory nuts with buttered or floured hands. Bake on waxed or buttered
tins, an inch apart.
Four eggs, not separated, but thoroughly beaten, then add one and
one-half cups of granulated sugar, and beat for thirty minutes; add two
heaping cups of flour and fourteen drops of anise seed oil; drop from a
teaspoon on well-buttered pans, and bake in a moderate oven. It will
improve them to let them stand from two to three hours in the pans
before baking.

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